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  1. About CIMB Clicks
  2. How do I get User ID and Password of CIMB Clicks?
  3. Using CIMB Clicks
  4. Security
  5. Troubleshooting and getting help with CIMB Clicks

  1. What is CIMBClicks

      CIMB Clicks is a convenient and safe way to do your banking on the Internet; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and provides fast secure access to all your banking needs..

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  2. What can I do with CIMBClicks?

      Using CIMB Clicks, you can:

      • View and download your accounts history, including deposits, credit card and loan/mortgage accounts.
      • Pay your bills.
      • Purchase reload voucher of mobile phone number, electricity and entertainment.
      • Transfer funds to any Bank in Indonesia and Overseas.
      • Make handy future/scheduled/recurring bill payments and fund transfers to avoid forgetting them and getting penalties.
      • Check interest rates and foreign currency rates.

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  3. How can I register to CIMB Clicks?

      As a CIMB Niaga customer you can register to CIMB Clicks through our ATM, SST (Self Service Terminal), Branch or click here and follow the prompt.

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  4. Is it secure to access my accounts through CIMB Clicks?

      To ensure your peace of mind, we have taken the following security measures :

      • Your financial information is protected by 128-bit encryption code.
      • We use automatic time-out, so if there is no activity after 10 minutes, your CIMB Clicks session is automatically terminated to prevent unauthorized access.
      • For each financial transaction, you will always be asked to verify the correctness of the transaction.
      • A financial transaction involving a third party requires an mPIN before continuing as an additional security.

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  5. What should I do if I forgot my User ID and Password ?

      Click here to recover your User ID or here to recover your password.

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  6. My account is locked. What should I do ?

      Please call CIMB Niaga Phone Banking at 14041 or +62-21-14041 from overseas.

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  7. Can I open CIMBClicks using my Blackberry/iPhone/iPad ?

      CIMB Clicks is best viewed in PC or Notebook. CIMB Niaga cannot guarantee CIMB Clicks will function correctly on other devices.

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  8. What Internet Browser do I need ?

      CIMB Clicks is best viewed in Internet Explorer 7.0 or later; Mozilla Firefox 3.6 or later; Apple Safari 5.0.1 or later. CIMB Niaga cannot guarantee CIMB Clicks will function correctly on other Internet browsers.

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